Opticals, Contact Lens and Low Vision Aids

Optical Services

At Mahajan eye Centre (MEC), we have our own in-house Optical Gallery offering extensive selection of frames, both traditional and designer, for all ages and to suit every budget. We offer latest quality optical aids with high standard of craftsmanship.


Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lenses are thin, medical grade plastic lenses placed directly on the surface of the eye mainly for correction of refractive errors. They offer a more active spectacle free life with greater cosmetic acceptability; the contact lens clinic at MEC provides contact lens trial, fitting and dispensing for cases ranging from simple refractive errors to complex corneal surfaces such as post-transplant eyes and patients with keratoconus.


Low Vision Aids

Low vision essentially means that eyesight of a person becomes so weak that he or she finds difficulty in performing day-to-day activities such as reading, writing, watching TV, driving, or recognising someone.

At Low Vision Clinic at MEC, personnel who specialises in the field, performs a comprehensive visual function evaluation and help assess the visual needs of a person with low vision. After thorough examination, the ophthalmologist gives advice regarding optimum use of vision, low vision devices required and their usage and the best adaptation to home, school, and the workplace and nearby surroundings. We help our low vision patients to learn new ways to use their remaining vision to perform everyday tasks and live a quality of life.


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