1. Comprehensive Eye Check-up

2. Preventive Eye Check-up: Diabetes, Hypertension , Old Age, Myopia, Trauma

3. Cataract Services: Stitch less Cataract Surgery using latest Micro-incision (MICS) Phacoemulsification technology on Advanced AMO Platform with ICE/ Whitestar Technology

a. Standard (2.8-3.2 mm incision) and MICS (1.8-2.2 mm incision) phacoemulsification platforms under topical anaesthesia (No Injection)

b. Advanced IOL Technology: Aspheric, Toric, Multifocal, Toric-Multifocal, Trifocals,Accomodative, Photoadaptive

c. Conventional Cataract Surgeries: SICS/ ECCE/ ICCE

d. Biometry: Latest immersion ultrasonic A-Scan and manual/ automated K for accurate IOL power calculation using latest generation IOL formulae

e. Nd-Yag Laser: For treating for treating after cataract

4. Refractive Surgery Services: Removal of Glasses

a. Excimer Laser Surgery:Customized/ Aspheric/ SBK LASIK with ultra-fast and ultra-precise latest flying spot excimer laser machine from Zeiss, Germany.

b. ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses)

c. Pentacam: Latest schiempflug imaging device for detailed analysis of cornea prior to refractive surgery

5. Retina Services:

a. Diabetic Retinopathy, Age related macular degeneration & other retinal disorders: Through evaluation with Fluorescein angiography, latest three dimensional OCT and treatment with Lasers and/or Intravitreal Injections (Anti-VEGF Agents: Lucentis / Macugen / Avastin and Steroids)

b. Retinal detachment surgery : Laser Barrage / Buckling Surgery / Vitrectomy with Silicone Oil or Gas / Pneumatic Retinopexy

c. Vitrectomy / Sutureless vitrectomy (MIVS) for Diabetic Hemorrhage , Macular Hole and other retinal disorders

d. Screening of premature babies and laser treatment (for ROP)

e. Ultrasound B-Scan for detailed pre-op diagnosis and workup

6. Glaucoma Services:

a. Screening and Intra-ocular Pressure Measurement with applanation/ NCT (Non-Contact Tonometer)

b. Investigations: Automated Visual Field Charting, Optic nerve head OCT, Central Corneal Thichness Measurement (Pachymetry), Optic Nerve Head Photography

c. Management: Medical, Laser (Yag Iridotomy) and Surgical Management (including implants and drainage devices)

7. Cornea Services:

a. Diagnosis: Latest advanced topography for both anterior and posterior surface analysis (Pentacam), Anterior Segment OCT and corneal thickness measurement (Pachymetry)

b. Keratoconus: C3R, INTACS and Contact Lenses

c. Transplantation: Penetrating as well as lamellar procedures done. Microkeratome for automated Lamellar Procedures. Mahajan Eye Centre is recognised for Corneal Transplantation under THOA (Transplantation of Human Organ Act.) with GNCTD.

8. Squint, Oculoplasty and Ocular Cosmesis/ Asthetics Services: Refraction, Exercises (Orthoptics), Synaptophore, Evaluation, Medical and Surgical Treatment .

9. Ocular Trauma and Handling Posterior Segment Complications of Anterior Segment Surgeons

10. Contact Lenses and Low vision aids

11. Attached optical shop and workstation

12. Diagnostics Lab (for blood investigation) available next door to premises