SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction)/ ReLEX SMILE (Refractive Lenticule Extraction)

SMILE: The Latest Generation Laser Vision Correction

We want to give you something to SMILE about. And it’s here! The latest laser vision correction may be your ticket to glasses-free, contact-free clear vision.

SMILE is an advanced technique and therefore the latest development in the refractive laser treatments. Beyond Lasik and it’s variants like Contoura Vision, Femto Lasik, Robotic Lasik; it is suitable for patients with dry eyes, contact lens intolerance and playing contact sports. It has already helped millions achieve freedom from glasses and contacts.

Can you imagine the freedom?

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The ReLEx SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. This laser system has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated technology and its precision and reliability.  ReLEx SMILE using VisuMax promises accuracy down to the nearest micrometer precision.

Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser at MEC

MEC is one of the first few centres offering smile surgery in Delhi at a very reasonable cost. We are already equipped with the future of laser vision correction technologies, premium and most advanced.

What is SMILE?

SMILE is the latest in laser vision correction for myopia (nearsightedness),  providing LASIK-like outcomes in a minimally invasive procedure. A laser is used to create a thin contact-lens shape layer just beneath the surface of the eye and then a small opening through which that layer is removed, correcting your vision.

ReLEx SMILE is a breakthrough in laser vision correction offering a whole new level of precision, safety and comfort. In fact, you might just experience the world through a whole new lens-your natural ones.

ReLEx SMILE is a pain free, minimally invasive approach with the advantage of a 100% blade–free laser vision correction. This procedure involves no corneal flaps; refractive changes are made in the intact cornea itself.

Unlike the conventional procedures, ReLEx SMILE involves the creation of an extremely thin 3D layer in your intact cornea, corresponding to your refractive number that needs correction.  This is then extracted out through a small keyhole incision of about 2-4mm only. As a result, the cornea gets reshaped to correspond to the ideal shape for correct vision. Entirely laser controlled, it is done in a few seconds- precise, safe and comfortable.

Understanding SMILE Surgery

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction) is the most advanced 3rd generation of laser vision correction. It is minimally invasive, flapless and bladeless procedure that combines the advantage of previous two generations with increased safety and comfort.

ReLEx SMILE is a further advancement over LASIK / Femto-LASIK. 

Worldwide, over 750,000 SMILE procedures have been performed by more than 1,000 surgeons. And these numbers continue to grow every day! In fact, SMILE is the fastest-growing laser vision correction.


SMILE Surgery

Laser Vision Correction Comparison: What makes SMILE different from LASIK?

Laser vision correction helps correct vision that is farsighted, nearsighted or has astigmatism. During the procedure, a laser gently reshapes the cornea so that light focuses better. Millions have been helped by PRK and LASIK. Now we’re offering patients SMILE, a minimally-invasive procedure with little downtime.

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SMILE is a unique procedure that works without the need for creating a flap. The procedure involves creating a lenticule within intact cornea using ultra-precise femtosecond laser. In second step a small incision of about 4mm or lesser is made by the laser, through which the lenticule is extracted out. Removing the lenticule changes the shape of cornea, thereby achieving refractive correction. The lenticule is removed with minimal disruption to the corneal biomechanics.

SMILE Advantages

If safety is your priority, SMILE is the gold standard treatment for removal of specs. It is much more safer than LASIK and its variants

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Advantages of SMILE
  1. No Flap Related Complications like flap dislocation or detachment.
  2. Corneal surface is left majorly untouched, preserving its biomechanical strength and stability better than other techniques.
  3. Totally Bladeless
  4. Incidence of dry eye and other post-surgical effects is drastically reduced in case of SMILE as compared to LASIK.
  5. Since this procedure is minimally invasive, it involves minimum intervention and therefore less after care is required, enabling you to enjoy your new visual sensation right from day one. SMILE treatment provides quicker healing as compared to LASIK.
  6. Overall treatment is gentler and visual recovery is faster.
  7. Wider Application: People with thin corneal tissue who are unfit for LASIK can still opt for SMILE (To be decided by operating surgeon).There are some conditions in which LASIK can not be done while SMILE can be.
  8. No Change of Equipment required during surgery. SMILE is all-Femto one-step one-laser procedure making overall procedure faster.
  9. Excimer laser is not needed as only Femtosecond Laser is used in the procedure. Hence, there is no odour, less discomfort, faster healing. Femtosecond Laser assisted LASIK procedure needs two lasers – Excimer and Femto for the procedure. Excimer Laser has a peculiar odour.
  10. Inflammation is reduced to negligible as the total laser energy used is up to 10 times lesser than an excimer laser. 
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SMILE needs only 2-3 mm corneal key-hole incision while LASIK/ Contoura Vision/ Femto Laser may need upto 18-20 mm incision.

Our surgeons and staff will help you determine which option is best for your eyes. A consultation appointment will help determine which solution will be best or your unique eyes and vision goals.

Are you the right candidate for SMILE surgery?

  1. You should be 18 years old or above.
  2. You should have a steady eye prescription in the last year.
  3. You have nearsightedness between -1 and -10 diopters with or without astigmatism (Till -5 diopters).
  4. Your corneas need to be healthy, and your overall eye health must be generally good.
  5. Retina should be normal.

SMILE Treatment in Delhi: Why MEC?

SMILE has become one of the most preferred option for spectacles removal. At MEC, we have helped numerous patients with specs removal. At MEC, one can get a comprehensive evaluation and know if SMILE surgery is the right treatment for you.

  1. Latest SMILE Procedure available.
  2. Multiple treatment options for your refractive errors.
  3. All diagnostic modalities under one roof.
  4. One of the first few centres to have SMILE correction technology in Delhi NCR.
  5. Easy Payment Plans, TPA and cashless benefits.
  6. Special offer on SMILE.
  7. Over 10000 laser eye corrections done.

Contact us for Relex SMILE eye surgery cost in Delhi and book an appointment with our expert today. You can read more about other Laser Vision Correction Options.